4 Questions to ask the salesperson before buying a mattress

With online shopping easing lives, there are certain products that the customers prefer to buy in – store for specific reasons. This is very well applicable for mattress shopping. This is because the customer can lay down and review his options in the mattress store Portland.

The only drawback in buying the mattress in – store is the trouble from salesmen. The salesman often tries to inhibit the customer choices to maximize his sales. He can be avoided easily. However, there are certain things about a mattress only a salesperson knows. For instance, if the mattress has a safe underneath, if it is flappable, the material it is made of, etc. Therefore, it is essential to handle him well 


Here are certain questions to ask the salesman to restrict his indulgence and make the experience fruitful

What is the difference between the materials?

In many mattress store Portland, the mattress materials look alike. It is difficult to find the differences between them. The product description of the mattresses is only printed on their covers. Therefore, the buyer must enquire in detail about the material and their differences.

What kind of warranty is provided by the store?

During the warranty period, not all the mattress store Portland have their own service people to tackle issues. They usually hire a service provider to attend the damages.

On the other hand, if the store has in-house experts and service people, then the salesperson will have better experience to tell which mattresses wear out at a faster rate.

Ask if the mattress can be tested

This is a must and compulsory question. The very purpose of buying the mattress in a store is to lie down and test if it is comfortable. One must lay down for at least 15 to 30 minutes in different positions. This is because, majority of the users have breakfast, watch TV, do late night work in bed.

Therefore, the user should test if the mattress is comfortable at different positions other than lying down.

What kind of deal and discount does the store offer?

Many times, bargaining at mattress store Portland is appreciable. Though, the salesman tries to convince the buyers to his best price, it is the duty of the buyer to enquire about discounts and deals to reduce the price. If need be, one can even mention the reduced prices offered in other stores.

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